Krystyna Noah’s mission is to do her upmost to ensure that her clients experience the changes they are seeking. She is results driven, and spends time researching, preparing and structuring a progressive plan for each and every client she sees.

Krys has been in Private Practice for 24 years and has earned many accolades for her professionalism, tenacity, caring and delivery of results which have had a profound effect on many people’s lives.

Krys Noah is University Qualified and is a Clinical member of AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia) which is the governing body that regulates required training and supervision. She is also a Clinical member of MRA (The Medical Register of Australia). She engages in the Supervision of other Hypnotherapists and provides consultation for professional Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Counsellors & Health Workers.

Krys has extensive training as an educator and engages proactively to ensure best possible outcomes for her clients, and has been instrumental in facilitating amazing changes in people’s lives.

Krys’ astute awareness, lateral thinking, and solid knowledge base as a Hypnotherapist has assisted many individuals through all aspects of various life issues. She is comfortable working with people of all ages – children, teenagers and adults.

A range of techniques are used to assist her clients in developing greater awareness & understanding. Hypnotherapy tools and techniques are used to increase client confidence and self-esteem. The subconscious mind powerfully taps into the individual’s inner resources to replace self-defeating thought patterns with constructive, forward moving, powerful messages for desired outcomes.

Krys’ goal is to have the client empowered to more confidently approach life’s challenges, and to experience change.