A problem gambler usually does not recognise that they actually have a problem, and will argue vehemently to the contrary. They and their loved ones inevitably suffer emotionally and financially.

Gambling addiction highly impacts a person’s way of thinking!

Like other addictions, gambling can become compulsive if not checked in time!

It can ruin your life – lose your job, home, business or family!

Gambling results in financial ruin!

Gambling is destructive and presents the illusion of easy money. An impulse control disorder develops where the desire to gamble exceeds any negative consequence to self and loved ones. The gambler is doomed to fail, and keeps gambling because he/she believes that they cannot afford to lose. As a result, they spend more and more time and money on it, chasing losses despite serious consequences to their life.

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Signs of Gambling Addiction.

Do you find;

  • you cannot stop
  • you place bets, losing which puts you in a further sticky situation
  • when you lose, you bet more to the point of selling personal items or avoiding paying bills
  • you become belligerent or defensive about money
  • you isolate yourself from the rest
  • you lose interest in other hobbies or any form of socializing
  • you have incessant thoughts pertaining to gambling
  • you lie and hide it from others
  • you feel elated when risking larger amounts of money
  • you shirk away from responsibilities or relationships
  • you feel depressed and miserable when you can’t gamble
  • you have suicidal thoughts when you cannot gamble

As your addiction progresses, it can inflate to scarier proportions. For many people who have identified their gambling addiction, finding ways to treat it often proves challenging.

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How Hypnosis Helps Get Rid Of Gambling Addiction

Hypnosis tackles the recesses of your subconscious to dissuade your mind from giving in to the urge.

This means “rewiring” your addicted brain to fight off gambling urges, address a stressor at its roots, and effectively deal with negative emotions. It is a means to finding inner peace or balance from within.

Hypnosis means:

  • No more roller coaster rides.
  • No more financial woes.
  • No more loosing of friends.
  • No more loss of jobs.

Hypnosis will:

  • Bring self-control, calmness & peace into your life.
  • Allow you to win the respect of self, and family & friends.
  • Enjoy greater financial freedom.
  • Ditch the high anxiety, and adrenalin rush.

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Hypnosis allows you to enjoy and manage a constructive, positive future, by recognising your own inner resources and unleashing your full potential.