Frustration mounts when obstacles seem to hinder progress in managing weight loss and moving forward in a positive highly motivated manner.

“It just seems all too hard – I don’t have he motivation or the discipline.”

There are many reasons why individuals pile on the kilos and keep doing so without stopping to think about why. What appears to be rewarding oneself ends up being a punishment, then all types of emotions start surging ie. guilt, shame, embarrassment, no discipline, anger, upset, disappointment , feeling down …….then the reaching out for food for comfort ….. and of course the cycle starts again.

Round and round we go …… and as a result, the rounder we become …..

Eat Or Diet Directions On A Metal Signpost

Whatever the reason is for overeating, or eating the unhealthy choices or even eating too much of the healthy choices, there is a truth that needs to be addressed.



“It’s gone far enough and you want to regain the charge again.” “You’re sick and tired of the endless weight gain cycle.” “Food and drink will never fix your emotional issues.” “You really do value looking & feeling great.” “You actually do feel so much better after exercise & eating less.” “Losing weight is achievable, and keeping it off is also achievable.” “You’re stronger and more determined than you realise.” “There is a voice inside that says, give me back my fit great self.”

Young sportswoman showing how much weight she lost.

Hypnotherapy supports:

  • Weight Loss Motivation
  • Stop Comfort Eating
  • Stop Eating Junk
  • Virtual Gastric Banding
  • Exercise Motivation
  • Stop Night-time Snacking
  • Quit Eating Sugar
  • Being Happy with Me